A global centre for hockey education

A global, high-quality, structured, World Class education framework for hockey

To engage, educate and empower hockey people to be competent, inspired and sustainable

Universal Access

To ensure provision of and access to globally recognised high quality education for ALL in hockey, underpinned by a clear framework.

Powered by hockey

To recruit, train and retain a World Class workforce for hockey, supported by a high performing FIH Trainer & Educator team

Future proof

To continuously advance the frontier of hockey knowledge in all disciplines, adding value to FIH events, reputation and growth of the game.






Make your own history!

Get Closer To Your Goals

"What you get by achieving your goals is nothing compared to what you become by achieving your goals" Henry Thoreau

"High Performance is about doing the best you can, with what you have, in the moment you are in. High Performance is a mindset" 

Our courses

FIH Academy Workforce

Here are just 60 of the 200+ superstars who we are privileged to call our global FIH Workforce of Trainers, Educators and Developers. They have been and continue to be fundamental to the growth and success of the FIH Academy, whether designing courses, advising on the framework, delivering activities online and face to face, or just being available to share their immense knowledge and experience whenever asked. 

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