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Welcome to the home of Executive Education at the FIH Academy. Here you will find a range of activities, courses and resources that have been designed to support the many executive roles in hockey.


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Helping you to run our sport with efficiency and integrity 

Whether a President or an intern and every role in between, our aim is to support you with education, guidance and mentoring opportunities that will help you to be the best you can be.
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We provide online e-learning courses on a range of essential and complementary subjects. E-learning is designed to be accessed at any time of the day or night, so you have total flexibility where, when and how you learn.

Workshops & Courses

Online workshops and courses take place at a specific time and date. The are usually limited to 12/14 or 16 participants and facilitated by 1 or 2 of our FIH Educators. They may be integral to a particular qualification or open access.

Workshops & Courses

Face 2 Face workshops and courses, as the name suggests, take place in person at a specific location, time and date that is appropriate to the level and subject area. Higher level courses will generally take place at CF & FIH Events.

Executive Education Framework

We have a wide range of event development and qualification options that all sit within the FIH Academy Events Education Framework (EEF). The EEF has 3 levels, based around the level and size of event.

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Executive Education Workshops & Courses

Permanently available e-learning courses plus upcoming online and face 2 face courses. Please click below for more options.
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