Foundation Goalkeeping Workshop (Online)

FIH Workshop: Foundation Goalkeeping (682)
19 June 2024 - 09:00 to 12:00 (CEST - Geneva) Please check your local time!

This interactive online workshop session runs for 3 hours online and is designed for coaches, teachers and volunteers wanting an introduction to coaching goalkeepers 

It is open to all, as well as being a mandatory workshop for the FIH Level 2 Coach Certificate.

What's included?

  • E-learning Induction
  • 1 Live Zoom session
  • Expert Educator
  • Attendance Certificate
  • Interactive experience


This workshop consists of 3hrs of an online interactive Zoom/MS Teams session with up to 16 participants and an FIH Educator.


  • Identifying the core skills of a young goalkeeper
  • Outlining the basic principles and fundamentals of goalkeeping
  • Creating training content to help develop goalkeepers' skills and techniques 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, we hope you are able to:
  • Identify core skills of a goalkeeper
  • Explore design ideas that connect goalkeepers and field players
  • Design sessions applying different scenarios and environments