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Welcome to the Course Organisers home page for the FIH Academy.

This page is for Continental Federations, National Associations and Affiliate Organisations who have an agreement to organise FIH Academy courses. 

FIH Academy
5 Continental Federations
Serving 140 member NAs


Welcome & Thank you

The role of the FIH Academy is to provide a central body for the design, development and delivery of high quality hockey education globally.

In addition to the central programme of courses and workshops, the FIH Academy provides CFs and some NAs with a course management and promotion service.

Thank you for your continued support for the FIH Academy and your contribution to making it a world class education offer for the global hockey family.

Course Registration

Please use the link below to register upcoming courses and workshops that you would like to be hosted on the FIH Academy platform. Once we receive your form we will contact you for any further clarification before setting up the course.

General Principles for Registration

  • Register the course at least 4 weeks in advance of the first session
  • Provide as much detail as possible on the form - we understand that sometimes details are finalised at the last minute.
  • Face to face courses levels 1 and 2 and workshops will be CF branded and automatically posted on the CF home page. (This page may be embedded in the CF website)  
  • Face to Face level 3 courses may be CF branded if the CF prefers
  • All Educators will be appointed by the FIH Academy, but may be proposed by the Organiser 

Platform Services

FIH Academy Platform
The new FIH Academy platform has the capability to provide CFs and NAs with a home page if they prefer. This page can include all courses taking place in that region, together with any other information the CF/NA would like. This page can be embedded in to the CF/NA website if desired.

Organisers may appoint one or two administrators who will be able to access the "back office" of the FIH Academy Platform. Organiser Administrators will be able to see course applications and edit some elements of the course information.
All certification of courses is now automated through the platform with sign off available to course Edcuators.
Course Design
The FIH Academy is open to new course and workshop topic ideas. Please get in touch if you have suggestions.

Continental Home Pages


Workforce Home Page


We aim to provide online e-learning courses on a range of essential topics that support all 6 branches of the Academy. Each course consists of 10-20 pages of information followed by a quiz to check learning. If you have a topic idea then please get in touch

Workshops & Courses

Online workshops and courses have been delivered consistently since April 2020. We have delivered over 500 courses across most branches. This new platform enhances the user experience with course pages, quizzes and document downloads

Workshops & Courses

Face 2 Face workshops and courses have re-established themselves post-covid. We are keen to develop a more holistic approach to face 2 face education, starting with national development plans and domestic education pathway development.
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