Welcome to the State of the Game Survey 2022

This biennial review of the state of global hockey is an essential part of our commitment to monitoring and recording the health of our sport.

The information your National Association provides will be collated and shared as a global picture with stakeholders including the IOC, GAISF, ASOIF and regional & local organisations. Data collected will also be presented in a biennial report which will be shared with all National Associations at the FIH Congress in November 2022.

Whilst the general content is consistent with the 2015, 2018 & 2020 surveys, the amount of data requested has been reduced significantly following feedback from the last survey. Furthermore, the new platform will now enable NAs to access and update inputted data at any time.

The results of this Survey will be shared with all member nations and Continental Federations.

Thank you in advance for providing this information and for your invaluable contribution to the global management and growth of hockey.

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How to complete the survey:
Enter an email address for the person responsible for this survey in your NA. (IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT use an email address that you have previously used to register on this platform.)

You will now see the online data collection form. The first section is for information relating to the main contact. This is followed by 4 Sections: Governance, Participation, Competitions/Formats, and Development.

Please include as much information as possible. For some fields, there is also the option to upload data files.

If you do not have all information available you should insert data in at least all mandatory fields (red asterisk) in order to submit the form for the first time. You may then return to your account to complete the form at a later stage.

Please fully complete the form by 28 September 2022
If you need assistance in completing this form or have any questions please email