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Whilst built on the foundations of a qualification pathway, the FIH Umpire Education framework is fundamentally about umpire development. It aims to provide opportunities for open mindset umpires to discover, observe, learn and grow, whether through an e-learning or 3hr online workshop or a 1-2 year course.
  • E-learning
  • Face 2 Face LIVE
  • Online LIVE
  • Mentoring
— What we BELIEVE

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to develop umpires who are able to facilitate a safe and fair playing environment in which athletes can perform to their best.

We believe that possessing a knowledge and application of  technical hockey skills and social management skills will enable an umpire to best perform their tasks before, during and after the game
  • Have a growth mindset
  • Enable athletes to perform
  • Challenge with knowledge
  • Encourage and Inspire


 We provide online e-learning courses on a range of essential and complementary subjects. E-learning is designed to be accessed at any time of the day or night, so you have total flexibility where, when and how you learn. 

Workshops & Courses

 Online workshops and courses take place at a specific time and date. The are usually limited to 12/14 or 16 participants and facilitated by 1 or 2 of our FIH Educators. They may be integral to a particular qualification or open access.

Workshops & Courses

Face 2 Face workshops and courses, as the name suggests, take place in person at a specific location, time and date that is appropriate to the level and subject area. Higher level courses will generally take place at CF & FIH Events.

FIH Academy UMPIRE Education Framework

We have a wide range of Umpire development and qualification options that all sit within the FIH Academy Umpire Education Framework (UEF). The UEF has 4 levels, based around athlete participation stages, learning environments and the competition environment.
Each of the 4 FIH UMPIRE Award levels has multiple modules and units as shown in the images below. Further details are available on specific course pages. 
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Education & course content highlights

We ensure our trainings can deliver value when and how our trainees need—whether that be with the support and guidance of instructors or independently and remotely.
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